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Wetac your battery specialist

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Welcome to the website of the WETAC group

Wetac was founded in 1985 as a battery specialist and has since grown to become one of the leading independent suppliers in the field of batteries in Europe. With our headquarter in Ede (The Netherlands) and branches in Germany, UK and the Czech Republic, we currently serve 25 countries within the European community and also export to countries far beyond including the Middle East and Africa.

Wetac specializes in three disciplines: Automotive, Stand-By and Motive Power. Within each discipline we have a team of specialists available who can advice you on the lates developments in the field of batteries, charging systems and other related battery-products.

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Wetac Stand-By offers a comprehensive range of stationary batteries and ancillary equipment as follows; Wing Battery, Yuasa, Global Battery and Northstar Batteries, power systems and battery chargers.
Wetac Stand-By fully trained staff an engineers will design and install complete systems then provide full on-site training as necessary. This ensures that in the event of a problem the first line of maintenance can be on-site staff then safe in the knowledge that Wetac offers a full support infrastructure either with site visits or on the telephone happy to assist as and when required.
Any malfunction or failure can cost considerable disruption both practically so Wetac can design bespoke power systems to meet your specific requirements. Wetac can then offer support and maintenance packages and contracts on all power related systems including batteries, charges, power supplies etc. With these contracts in place any concerns relating to the loss of power are eradicated without risk or concern.

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Wetac Automotive specializes in starter batteries, leisure batteries and industrial batteries.

Wetac Automotive distributes batteries of Global, Bosch, Optima, Moto Power and Sonnenschein in various technologies such as lead/acid, AGM, EFB, Gel, lithium, semi low-traction and full traction.

These batteries are commonly used in cars, trucks, motorcycles, vintage cars, boats, caravans, electric wheelchairs, farm machinery, forklifts and material handling equipment.

Furthermore, our specialists can also supply you various battery related solutions and accessories such as chargers and testers.

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Wetac Motive Power: specialist in batteries for cyclic applications.  

Wetac Motive Power distributes the maintenance-free MOVE Batteries in the AGM and GEL technology (from 12 up to 400Amp). In addition to that, we are master distributor for U.S. Battery in Europe.

Typical applications for our deep-cycle batteries are golf/utility vehicles, scissor lifts, aerial platforms, scrub- and sweeping machines, electric wheelchairs and scooters.

Besides that, we offer related products such as battery filling systems and high-frequency chargers. Wetac Motive Power is European distributor of the filling systems of Battery Watering Technologies®.

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