Sealed, maintenance-free lead-acid batteries
Wetac Stand-By offers a comprehensive package of stationary batteries as follows; Wing Battery, Yuasa, Global Battery and Northstar Batteries, power systems and battery chargers.
From installation to instruction
Wetac specialist teams will install complete battery and power systems then provide on-site training as necessary or requested. Support continues after installation and training ensuring that your power systems remain on-line supported by on-site trained staff or by Wetac specialists.
Optimal maintenance
Malfunction or failure anywhere within a power supply system can be a costly business. Wetac offers service and maintenance contracts designed to ensure the safe and reliable operation of all aspects of the power supply system. From simple scheduled maintenance visits to 24/7 call-out support Wetac can offer a package to suit th criticality of your operation or application.

Wetac Stand-by

Wetac Stand-By division offers full replacement services able to offer comperablr products and associated equipment to monitor battery performance and remotely report possible issues. This equipment ensures the batteries are always on-line and ready to deliver the necessary performance when required to back-up power systems in critical applications.

Let us advise you

What do you need? Wetac Stand-By is always happy to offer advice or help. Depending on the requirement Wetac,can offer battery back-up power with capacities from 0.8 Ah to 9000 Ah. Wetac Stand-By measures the capacity by using an advanced cell monitoring system. After the measurements have been taken, you will receive a comprehensive report, detailing the condition of each cell or battery and the expected remaining battery capacity.


Quality Stand-By Products

Wetac Stand-By offers it's high-end, quality products across a diverse range of sectors and applications. High rate Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) batteries supporting critical power applications in the medical, banking engineering, aviation etc sectors to the fast moving telecommunications sector from base stations to data centres Wetac Stand-By has a battery to fit all applications.